Services of a housekeeper in Gauteng

Housekeeper Responsibilities: Wet floor cleaning Care: furniture, carpets (brushing, vacuuming). Washing windows, loggias Cleaning plumbing, sanitary ware, tiles Cleaning of vases, figurines, decorative dishes, paintings, pendants, lamps, etc. Change of bed linen Care of kitchen utensils, stove, refrigerator, microwave, etc. Laundry, ironing of bed linen as needed VIP wardrobe Housekeeper in Gauteng Often, owners of large apartments and country houses

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How to choose a nanny through an agency

It is known that at all times there were women who were engaged in raising not only their children but also helping other women in this difficult field. Today, modern parents, who for various reasons cannot devote themselves entirely to caring for their children, have an increasing need to entrust the upbringing of their children to another person. And this is

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The Pros and Cons of Housekeeper

The pros and cons of the profession, qualities, skills Among a large number of professions, we want to talk about one that was forgotten for some time but began to gain popularity in modern realities. About the housekeeper, who she is, what are the features of the profession, advantages and disadvantages, salary and other important points? Who is a housekeeper?

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Cook and Maid: What’s the Difference Between Roles?

Knowing the differences between a cook and a maid is crucial to avoid confusion between the two professions. They have different functions and making one perform activities of another will characterize the accumulation of functions, and you will have to bear extra costs. So that you don’t make this mistake, we publish this content that explains the differences between the work performed by

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Who is looking for a housekeeper?

According to labor market experts, the demand for housekeepers is steadily growing. This is due to the fact that more and more people, and, first of all, women, are working, doing business, career, and they do not have free time to do housework, which also requires a lot of time. More and more people are earning enough to pay a visiting

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The main Duties of a housekeeper

Having got a job, they are so eager to please the new owners that they readily take on various additional assignments. Seeing this, the poor thing continues to be loaded with new responsibilities. Gradually, she ceases to cope, everything falls out of her hands … And then one day your house fairy flies away, leaving you with a huge pile of

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Benefits of hiring a housekeeper

Are you considering employing a housekeeper? It’s an excellent decision! At this stage of your project, you probably need to be reinforced… and above all to know the different possible solutions for the employment of a home cleaning helper. Hiring a cleaning lady has its share of advantages, but could also prove to be a disadvantage at times if you

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Recruitment Administrator

We are looking for a young, dynamic and result-driven individual to join our rapidly growing team of achievers! We require a very organized person, who is very good with numbers and able to think critically at all times; an eloquent go-getter with the ability to initiative and build strong productive relationships with clients. Requirements Matric or higher qualifications Minimum two

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