Terms & Conditions


  1. I hereby agree to use the services of Smart Helpers Center for my own use and not on behalf of a third party.
  2. I agree to the terms and conditions as they currently are and accept that these are subject to change. Price increases are done on an annual basis and Smart Helpers Center is not under any obligation to give prior notice of these changes.
  3. I understand by using the services of Smart Helpers Center, I am bound by all the Terms and Conditions of Smart Helpers Center
  4. Responsibility for the decisions you make regarding services offered via the software or service (with all its implications) rests solely with you. Smart Helpers Center shall not be held liable to any Client in any circumstances whatsoever for any loss, injury, theft or death caused, damage of any nature whatsoever or howsoever sustained, whether as a result of any negligence, non-compliance and/or breach of this agreement or by the Helper recruited through Smart Helpers Center and the Client hereby indemnifies Smart Helpers Center and holds it harmless against any such claim by any other person..

The company will not be a party to disputes, negotiations of disputes between you and the helper you have hired.

  1. Smart Helpers Center will do their utmost best to check the legal status of each Helper placed but will not be held responsible if the Helper misled both Smart Helpers Center and the Client.
  2. I understand that I have an option to replace a helper from Smart Helpers Center within 60 (sixty) days from commencement of employment. If for any reason I am not happy with the Helper I must place this in writing to Smart Helpers Center before that period in which Smart Helpers Center will find a new Helper by going through the selection process again. I understand that Smart Helpers Center will replace the helper within 7 days from receiving the complaint in writing to find a second suitable Helper. If the second Helper is also not suitable Smart Helpers Center is under no obligation to replace this Helper again or refund the placement fee paid by you.
  3. I understand that the Client will be responsible to register the Helper for UIF as soon as possible and will be responsible to pay the Helper their monthly salary as agreed on in the employment contract.
  4. I agree that the placement fee paid to Smart Helpers Center will under no circumstances be refunded to me, given the costs that Smart Helpers Center incurs with each placement. I will only be able to interview new Helpers provided the replacement has occurred within 60 (Sixty) days of employment.
  5. Smart Helpers Center charges a Placement fee for placing a Helper with a family. If I offer employment to a Helper and this offer is accepted by said Helper, I will be held liable for the Placement fee. Should I decide afterwards, for whatever reason, to cancel the offer of employment, A cancellation fee of R950 (three thousand five hundred rand), is payable.
  6. I agree to adhere to all Labour Law Regulations with my Helper, including an employment contract, payment of UIF, overtime, salary and salary increases.
  7. I agree to adhere to Section 10 of the Constitution of 1996 of the Republic of South Africa which states that everyone has inherent dignity and the right to have their dignity respected and protected.
  8. I agree that the full placement fee will be paid to Smart Helpers Center on acceptance of the Helper in order to reserve the Helper, if no payment is received within 24 hours from acceptance; Smart Helpers Center have the right to place the Helper with someone else.
  9. I understand that Smart Helpers Center will find me a suitable Helper based on the information I have provided. Should your chosen Helper resign from your employment within the chosen guarantee period directly as a result of inadequate living conditions, salary and working hour deviations or any other reason, Smart Helpers Center will not be required to replace the Helper free of charge and Smart Helpers Center reserves its rights to investigate the reason why the Helper resigned from your employment and Smart Helpers Center may obtain affidavits from the Helper if needed.
  10. I agree, that making false statements, and or complaints of Smart Helpers Center of whatsoever kind in a public forum that cannot be substantiated, might lead to the irreparable harm of Smart Helpers Center and will be investigated and Smart Helpers Center will take the necessary steps to prevent same and if there are any legal proceedings instituted against the complainant, the costs will be for the account of the complainant.
  11. Smart Helpers Center’ rights remain reserved.


Hereby I acknowledge and agree to the above terms and conditions. Furthermore, I agree to be bound to the information as provided by myself in the application form (i.e. salary, working hours and job description). If there is any deviation from the information provided resulting in a Helper resigning from my employment I acknowledge that Smart Helpers Center will not be required to replace this Helper free of charge within the agreed guarantee period from the date of employment. 

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