Smart Helpers Center Training



This course introduces discussions and practical sessions aimed at improving and formalizing learners’ housekeeping abilities. From general household care principles to technical cleaning know-how and practical as well as proven task management guidelines in the domestic environment, learners are taught how to perform housekeeping duties smartly.



Course Outline:

Smart House Cleaning: the magic stick of excellent convenient cleaning

  • Smart house cleaning: the magic stick of excellent convenient cleaning
  • Smart house cleaning principles
  • Correct cleaning process for different surfaces and types of dirt
  • Correct cleaning products for different surfaces and types of dirt
  • Making the bed and rooms and bedrooms cleaning
  • Bathrooms and restrooms cleaning
  • Dish washing and kitchen cleaning
  • Simple pantry organizing rules
  • Light, deep and spring cleaning

Organizational Techniques: the mind behind the excellence

  • Task planning and management (including reporting)
  • Orderly manners and neatness
  • Attention to details

Laundry Management: clothes and other fabrics handling

  • Different textiles and their cleaning methods
  • Hand and machine washing
  • Ironing techniques for different types of fabrics
  • Storing ironed clothes
  • Konmari cloth folding techniques

Basic Stock Control: basic and practical stock management

  • Smart stock taking methods and reporting

General Pets Care: basic pets handling guide

  • Different types of pets and the requirement for keeping them
  • Pets general care (Dogs, Cats, Fish & Birds)
Course Duration: 1 day theory and practical + 2 days in-service training
Award: Certificate of Completion