Domestic Services

Domestic Services

Smart Helpers Center is a leading Training, Vetting and Placement agency in the Hospitality and Domestic Services industries.

Finding The Right Staff

Finding the right nanny, caregiver, cook, driver, housekeeper or cleaner for your home can be a very challenging process: from the fear of letting a total stranger come to your home to being disappointed with the quality of their work or even not knowing how to lawfully handle issues when things do not work out… these are everyday realities that many families face. Smart Helpers Center was born to minimize difficulties associated with domestic placements. We provide private employers with a safe and convenient platform where they can hire professional domestic workers that are experienced, fully vetted and professionally trained. Find out “Why Hire From Smart Helpers Center“, learn more about “Smart Helpers Center’s Domestic Hiring Process” or proceed to Request a Helper.

Training Domestic Staff

We provide Training of Domestic Staff in  Housekeeping, Childcare & Safety, First Aid and Personal Development & Work Ethics. We teach our learners the technical skills required to perform their duties with excellence as well as the soft skills needed to serve conveniently with Love & Care. If you are an employer wanting to upskill your staff, please contact us to schedule training. if you are a Helper, please text us on WhatsApp (067 817 5313).

Domestic Hiring Process

To begin the domestic hiring process we require our employers to fill our 2 min online Helper Request form.

Smart Helpers Center

Helper Request Form

This is a no-obligation, quick form where you can tell us what you are looking for so we know how to best assist you. Be thorough – the more you tell us about your situation, the better we will understand your needs.

Types of Domestic Workers

  • Smart Helpers: Domestic workers with Housekeeping, Cleaning and Childcare experience
  • Smart Nannies: Domestic workers with Childcare experience only
  • Smart Housekeepers: Domestic workers with Housekeeping and Cleaning experience only
  • Smart Caregiver: Home-based patient-, children- or elderly- care providers

Based on your request, we will send you online profiles of the most suitable candidates.

Smart Helpers Center Interview

  1. Please Review these profiles
  2. Shortlist your top candidates and Book Interview(s) with us
  3. Run the Interview(s)
  4. Let us know who you Select as your preferred Helper.

Interview Process

  • Telephonic Interview: we run telephonic interviews for free. We call you at the booked time sand connect the helper(s) you wish to interview on a conference call.
  • Face to face or Video interviews: We accommodate face to face or video interviews for a fee.
  • Interview location: We conduct face to face interviews at our offices for no additional cost or at the employer’s home for an extra call-out fee.
  • No Interview: We also accommodate employers who do not have time to go through interviews as long as they can tell us who their best candidate is, based on the profiles sent.

Once you have chosen your Best Domestic Worker, we will send you our placement contract to fill and well as the placement fee payment details.

Domestic Hiring Process

  1. Please read and fill our placement contract
  2. Process the placement fee payment and send us the proof of payment
  3. We will confirm the appointment of new Helper and release her full profile (ID copy, criminal record report, personal & background check info)
  4. Your new Helper will report to work as arranged
  5. The 90 days of ongoing support begins:
    • Induction: We advise our employers to show their new Helper around as soon as they arrive to clarify expectations.
    • Ongoing Support: We will be in touch with you and your new helper from time to time and when needed to follow up on the placement.
    • 1 Free exchange of Helper: We guarantee a free exchange of Helper when required, T&Cs apply.

The Smart Helpers Center Way

  • Smart Helpers Center Team

    Professional Service

    We offer a high-standard service with personalized assistance and online or onsite convenience. We also provide guarantee periods and unlimited ongoing support. We serve with Love & Care!

  • Criminal Records Check Using Fingerprints

    Full Vetting

    We run tough screenings such as criminal record checks, reference checks, experience & background checks on all our helpers. We make Helper’s full profile background reports which include personal info and circumstances, available to employers upon hiring.

  • Smart Helpers Center Training

    Experience & Formal Training

    We only place helpers with experience. We reference-check our Helper’s past employment and make references available to employers on request. Our helpers are formally trained by ourselves in subjects like Housekeeping, Childcare & Safety, Fundamental First Aid and Personal Development & Work Ethics.

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Smart Helpers Center Terms

Domestic Hiring Job Terms

  • Full-time: A placement where the Helper is required to work every day and sometimes also on weekend. E.g. From Monday to Friday every week.
  • Part-time: A placement where the Helper is only required on specific days of the week, typically less than 4 days a week on a recurring basis. E.g., Every Tuesdays and Thursdays
  • Long Term: A placement of a minimum of 6 months
  • Medium Term: A placement with duration between 3 and 6 months
  • Short Term: A placement with duration of less than 3 months
  • Stay In: Location requirement whereby the Helper resides at the work place and only leaves the work premises on her days off
  • Stay Out: Location requirement whereby the Helper does NOT reside at the work premises

Smart Helpers Center - Domestic Placements

What is a Transit Helper?

Transit Helpers are Domestic workers that are hired for a short period of time, generally for less than 30 days. Transit Helpers are mostly hired as interim domestic workers to stand in for another helper that is unavailable or before a permanent helper is employed.

What is an Emergency Helper?

Emergency Helpers are domestic housekeepers, cleaners, nannies or childminders that are appointed on a once-off basis. Employers usually hire Emergency helpers to assist with domestic work in situations such as when a current helper is sick/unavailable or does not report back to work as planned; when domestic activities such as deep cleaning, spring cleaning or cleaning after a party are required; and when parents require a childminder to look after their kids during their absence.

About Us

We provide excellent convenient Hospitality Staffing Solutions to South African homes and businesses: We train and place domestic helpers in homes & hospitality personnel in businesses.

We also provide credible Background Check services: Criminal Record, Qualification, Identity and other verifications.

Contact Us

Office: 087 095 5315 / WhatsApp: 067 817 5313
Email: info@smarthelperscenter.co.za
Address: 3 West Street (1st Floor), Kempton Park, Gauteng, 2194