Did you just hire a Domestic Staff?

Congratulations on your new hire!

As your Helper begins with you, here are some important details we’d like to remind you of, to help start your journey on the right note.



  • Double-check that you’ve received your Helper’s full profile info from Smart Helpers Center: contact details and physical address next of kin contact details, banking details, background check report, applicable certificates and licenses…
  • Exchange important contact details with your helper: your home address, phone numbers of relevant family members and house occupants.
  • Make important numbers easily accessible to your helper in case of emergency: Family doctor, pediatrician, close friend or family member that does not live with you, your work number, home security company, local ambulance, local police…
  • Confirm discussed leave and weekend schedules to clarify expectations.




  • Arrange access to your home for your domestic worker: tag, fingerprints, access card, home keys… where applicable
  • Explain house safety rules: acceptable time to go in and out of the house, applicable security measures
  • Notify you helper of any frequent or expected visitors: other domestic staff such as gardener, pool cleaners, therapist…
  • Lay out your house privacy rules (tip: do not overlook “picture taking” in your home or even access to “private areas”)
  • Communicate your expectation of acceptable religious practices in your house


  • Discuss any allergies and intolerances: Food, medication…
  • Make sure medicines and first aid kit are easily accessible to your helper
  • Communicate regular medication schedule and doctor’s visits




childcare routine

  • Discuss children’s routines: wakeup time, school schedules, nap time, bath times, eating, sleeping time
  • Go through bathroom rituals for kids
  • Explain the diaper and potty situation
  • Discuss children’s meal plan and diet restrictions or eating behaviors
  • Set rules for playtime, TV or screen time and naptime
  • Lay out children’s disciplinary methods and limits




  • Go through housing operations: How to operate the different appliances; e.g. washing machine, TV, dish washer, aircon, microwave, other electronics and appliances…
  • Go through “your” kitchen rules: explain which dishes and kitchenware to use, how to use them, what food is OK to prepare and/or eat, and by whom.
  • Go through “your” cleaning expectations: different surface’s cleaning agents and cleaning processes, cleaning schedules, bed making style…
  • Discuss housekeeping routines: define cleaning priorities (daily, weekly, monthly), breakfast, lunch or dinner service, …
  • Discuss any other “house rules” you may have: wearing uniform while on duty…
  • Discuss all pet care requirements: feeding, bathing, grooming…

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