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Who We Are

Smart Helpers Center is so much more than just an agency. We are a company dedicated to improving the domestic services industry in South Africa. Our mission is to revolutionize the support systems available to both helpers and employers by formalizing helpers’ training, advising on domestic employment related matters and providing a safe recruitment platform where employers can conveniently hire professional helpers that are ready to serve South African homes and businesses with excellence.

If I work out of taste for profit, like a forgotten fruit I will rot in the fall; if I do it to please others, like the flowers of grass, I will wilt in the evening; but if I do it for the love of good, I will dwell in good.

About Us

We train and place professional helpers – domestic workers, housekeepers, cleaners, childminders, nannies, waiters and waitresses; for excellent convenient service to South African homes and businesses.

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Office: 087 095 5315 / WhatsApp: 067 817 5313
Email: info@smarthelperscenter.co.za
Address: 3 West Street (1st Floor), Kempton Park, Gauteng, 2194